We live in a time when we are judged on what we have done, on what we have achieved, and on whatever we have earned financially. Do you think this is fair?

The challenge is to be able to be happy and to live a fulfilling life in peace while being able to give love and kindness with no regret. To be the people who give of themselves, without expecting anything in return.

But what hurts more is our own judgments and assumptions.
Being judgmental steals our inner peace and the calm of the mind.

It becomes difficult to let go and accept who we are and where we are right now. We may judge ourselves for not having achieved what we think we should already, for not looking as we “should’.
This keeps us from experiencing our true nature, our core self, which is full of wisdom and love. It keeps us stuck in self-condemnation.

Having the courage to accept ourselves the way we help us in the development of our intuition and our spiritual nature.

We must remember that we are always going to accept ourselves for who we are with the guidance of the spirit. Our spiritual guidance allows us to find our true nature and our true worth.

The first step to live life to the maximum is to stop comparing ourselves to anyone or anything.
This allows us to get to know ourselves and to let go of the baggage that we carry with us.

By letting things go and getting to know ourselves better we give ourselves a chance to grow and to change.
With some practice and time, we will see that we have the power to do this and create a better life for ourselves.

We will have a deeper connection to our true source, our source of joy and love. We also allow ourselves to grow by going to a place that we choose to be. This is our inner freedom.