Why do we need to raise our vibrations and what it has to do with our ability to attract what we want?

It is important to have a high vibrational level when we want things to come forth in our physical reality. There are a few reasons for that.
Your vibrational rate increases your magnetism to your desires. When your vibration equals what you want, your ability to manifest becomes much easier. It doesn’t mean you will get it immediately, but you will manifest it more quickly. I believe the reason for this is because when you are vibrationally equal to something you are in perfect vibrational alignment with, it just comes.

If you are out of alignment with it, it may take a little bit longer to manifest.
When you are high on your vibrational rate it is so easy to manifest. You become aligned with what you want and the universe gives you what you want. It’s really cool.

Your level of vibration increases your attraction power. It allows you to manifest things faster. It is a little bit like increasing your rate of fuel. Your fuel tank gets more fuel so you can go farther. This helps you become more proficient at what you want to manifest in your life. You manifest quicker. You can manifest more.

It’s like having more fuel to go farther. All you have to do is keep fueling it with good thoughts.

This is where a lot of people fail in manifesting.

They are out of alignment with what they want. They are also out of alignment and haven’t yet been able to raise their awareness of what they want.