introducton to ayurveda

If you read the books on Ayurveda the original manuscripts, they say that Ayurveda is an eternal science, which helps you understand the value of life, that helps you live life in the most harmonious way possible. It’s one of the most ancient medical systems that had its provable roots, something that you can go back to around 5,000 years back. Those were the times when the most ancient manuscript written called Rig Veda. Our Veda is a wisdom of day-to-day life. It is not something that we go to when we need to. It is very practically accessible because its foundation is the health and the definition of health is so elaborate.

It’s so holistic in Ayurveda. It is in the foods that you choose, it is in the colors that you choose to wear. It is in how you arrange your life, it’s how you arrange your furniture, it’s how you arrange every single thing. That is a part of your life, both within and outside, but the simplest of the ways that we can access. It is through our lifestyle and diet.

The basic foundation of Ayurveda is based on five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether; and these five elements and their interplay, their dance, their rhythm, their combination, their ratio.

That is what comprises every fragment of this universe, and we can go into the details of how does it, how does it become a part of the electrons and the nucleus and their forces, their kinetic energy, their potential energy, their force of cohesion, the atomic Mass how each one of them relates to our Veda, but if we understand this, we also understand that every food item that we eat is nothing but a fragment or its basic structure. Are these five elements, and so is ours.

So every single thing is made up of these five elements and if I have an understanding that what is my ending Constitution based on the understanding of these five elements and what is the Constitution of the food that I’m eating and what is the Constitution of the Day, what cycle of the day I’m eating it? What season it is, what part of the world I am in all these things fit together like a jigsaw, it may sound like something very difficult or something very difficult to comprehend, but it is so simple. When you look at a food item, you can easily very simply say that the most evident element in it is water or fire or ether or earth and air. The only thing that is required is an understanding of my own self. That individualization of each being is based on a principle called dosha. The literal meaning of the word dosha means out of harmony now that would make you think. Why do I? Why are we thinking about being out of harmony?

That is what the word dosha means something at fault, something out of harmony, something out of sync. So it’s a very interesting concept in Ayurveda.

It is interesting because it considers that everything comes from this perfect balance, a place where there is so much union that, in everything there is nothing, but in that state of nothingness in that state of union, perfect harmony, the ripple of energy moves through it and creates the separation and that separation goes through certain attributes and qualities and diversification and finally brings us the five elements when those five elements combine in a ratio and combination.

For example, the earth and the water combine to form something called Kapha, where Kapha means to nourish to grow, to nurture, to spread out and the water and the fire combined to form Pitta, where Pitta means to cook, to metabolize the passion, the focus, the concentration, the sharpness, the intelligence, the fire and the next one is the air in the ether which is called Vata, where Vata means to move, to channelize, to mobilize, so Ayurveda believes that this nomenclature, this diversification, this isolation, is a state of disharmony of this perfect balance.

So that is called dosha, but on the other hand, this is also considered your perfect balance, so a very simple thing that any person can do is when you wake up in the morning start your day by drinking about 6 to 8 ounces of heated, warm water. Possibly add few drops of lemon or lime juice to that first glass of water.

In Ayurveda, it is called drinking the nectar. This is a tongue scraper, and it’s made up of copper. What it does is it scrapes the toxins that come from the tongue over the tongue? Now the toxins that come on the surface of the tongue are the micro toxins that cannot be further broken down by the action of the liver, so the whole body gives up. It says that I cannot process at any further and because of the gravity, how we sleep, they slowly travel up through the food pipe on the tongue because the body says I cannot metabolize it any further. I cannot push it out through diffusion, urination sweating in any possible ways. Take them out for me – and this is also a very simple test for any person to see how are they doing with their night.

When you wake up in the morning, don’t just clean your tongue, open up your mouth and watch your tongue, don’t just clean your teeth but observe them: do you see any yellow accumulation? Do you see any white accumulation? Do you see any green accumulation? Do you see that there is stickiness in the mouth if your mouth dry? These are all parameters to your health.

In our intelligence to find health – we have to come back to basics. We have to come back to our roots. We have to come back to ourselves. That is the only way we can find a solution, and that is what I feel that people are realizing. No matter what it is, it has nothing to do with west or east. It has to do with human beings that no matter where we are, we have to choose the path back home. We have to choose the path back to ourselves. That thing has the greatest power to heal yourself, connect to yourself, connect to your mind!