Incorporating color into our lives is really easy to do.

We can find colors everywhere in the food we eat, in nature, and in the cars we drive. You only have to look at the world that surrounds you to see the vibrant shades of colors everywhere.

Colors helps our moods and energy levels. It can bring out that creative part of our minds and brighten our day. There is no end to what you can use different colors for every day.

Here are some suggestions about how to get some more color into your life:

Paint with rich vibrant colors.

                Use a colored lampshade or colored light bulbs.

                Visualize your favorite colors in your mind.

                Use shades that are harmonious and complement each other.

                Meditate at a church where you can view the beautiful stained glass windows.

                Go to a museum and take in all the artwork and the colors used in each piece.

                Look around for natural colors.  Notice the blue sky, the blue green ocean, white moon, and the green grass.

Choose your favorite colors for things around the house.  Choose the shade of clothes you wear, the car you drive, the shoes on your feet, the scarves or mittens, and the sheets on your bed.  Go ahead and dress your husband in that pink shirt, he will feel much happier afterwards.

     You have a choice in everything you do to pick colors that best suit you and your family’s moods and preferences.  There are always hundreds of shades to pick.  Painting a baby’s room is a project in itself.  Do you pick the pink or blue?  How many shades are there of these two?  Do you pick a neutral yellow which can go from Sunrise to Goldenrod and everything in between.  Have fun and enjoy the color schemes you have picked.