That is a very common question that people have. There are a lot of books written on the subject matter, so how exactly does the law of attraction works? I will answer here in a very simple way. It is a law, therefore it works. Simple explanation, but it is what I believe is the correct explanation for why the law of attraction works so well.

You are a huge attractor. You can think of yourself as a massive magnet that can attract things into your life. Everything we have in this universe is magnetizing itself towards you. All the atoms, molecules, and everything else are trying to attract you towards it. So when you ask for something, you are attracting it towards you.

Some people are easier to attract than other things. What you have to do is put yourself in a position where you can ask for it effortlessly. There are a lot of people who can ask for something with one click of a button on their computer and nothing is surprising happening.

But some people cannot ask for anything with just one click of their mouse. They have to click on many different things and those clicks are what they have to spend time on to ask for it.

But you cannot ask for something without first putting yourself in its location. If you want to ask for a house, you have to first start browsing houses and try to find a house that catches your eye. Then you have to put yourself in that location. When you click on that house, you have to put yourself in that location. That is the simple and the most important explanation of how the law of attraction works.
You have to ask for whatever you want with your mind and then you have to believe that what you have asked for is already on its way to you. You have to believe that you have received it and you have to believe that it will arrive at your door soon.

This is one of the best books i have read on law of attraction.